Epoxy Basecoat Underlay




It is basically a three-component solvent free screed-based system consisting of Base hardener and filler in pre weighed packs in exact proportions for mixing at site. When applied on the concrete surface it provides non-skid high strength flooring capable of withstanding extremely heavy wear and tear.


  • Production line areas of engineering areas

  • Work shop factory floor

  • Machine shop ware houses

  • Depots loading ramps

  • Automobile plants

  • Power Houses

  • Bottling Plants

  • Dairies

Features and Benefits

  • It is basically a solvent free epoxy system

  • Impact load: high resistance to Impact load

  • Bonding: Excellent bond to concrete

  • Durable: Excellent resistance from mechanical wear

  • Non -slip: Good gripping surface to pedestrian /foot traffic and vehicular traffic

  • Seamless: tough, easy to clean

Technical Properties

  • Base: - Epoxy Resin

  • Color: - Light Brown

  • Pot Life: - 40 minutes @ 27°C

  • Foot Traffic: - 24 Hours @ 30°C

Application Procedure: -

  • Surface Preparation

It is essential the floor on which epoxy screed is likely to be laid should be as per the civil engineering standards. The substrate must be structurally sound, clean, dry and free from laitance of loose material. The surface should be at least 28 days old and moisture content must be less than 4%.

  • Priming

The concrete surface after proper and thorough surface preparation has to be primed with Primer. The primer is basically a solvent free epoxy system. It is designed basically for better adhesion with the substrate and the flooring system. The primer should be mixed in the given proportions supplied. The entire contents of the hardener should be in to the base and should be mixed using a low speed drill machine with an attaché for about 3minutes to get a homogeneous mixture.

  • Mixing

The preweighed packs of the three components resin, hardener, and silica flour has to be mixed thoroughly. The components should be mixed in a suitably sized mixing vessel. The hardener content is added to the base and stirred until an even color and texture is obtained. Now add the filler content graded aggregate to the mix slowly and continue the mixing for about 3 to 4minutes slowly until a completely homogeneous mix is obtained.

  • Application

The material once mixed should be used within its specified pot life; spreader the material uniformly on to the primed surface Tacky primed surface condition within two hours from the application of Primer to get an even thickness with a steel trowel, care should be taken not to over work the resin, the material should be compacted and finished with a steel float for desired thickness.

Storage and Shelf Life

1 year if stored in cool dry place

Health and Safety

It should be applied with gloves and care should be taken to see that it does not fall on skin or eyes. Splashes on to eyes have to be immediately washed with plenty of clean water and medical advice has to be taken.

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It is a three component, trowel grade, heavy duty, floor topping consisting of epoxy resin, hardener and graded quartz filler. The product gives excellent mechanical properties, resistance to wear and to high range of chemicals. The product is specifically designed as a heavy duty topping for industrial floors of thickness 5 -20 mm.


  • High strength

  • Non slip surface

  • Resistance to impact and abrasion

  • Excellent resistance to chemicals

  • Non tainting

  • Available in standard grey and primary colours

Staroxy 109 SL Screed is formulated for use in industrial floor as below:

  • Chemical plants

  • Machine service areas

  • Warehouses

  • Garages

  • Loading ramps

  • Food processing plants

Typical Properties: -

  • Density: - 2 g/cc

  • Pot Life: - 60 minutes at 25°C

  • Touch Dry: - 10 hours at 25°C

  • Light Foot Traffic: - 18-24 hours

  • Full Cure: - 3 days (exposure to chemicals)

Application Instructions: -

Substrates must be structurally sound. Loose or unsound substrate should be removed. Surfaces must be entirely free of oil, grease, paint, corrosion deposits, dust, laitance or other surface deposits. The substrate must be prepared to create a ‘key’ for bonding by shot blasting. Any blow holes should be filled with Tek-Crete EFC. The moisture content of the concrete substrate should be less than 5%.

Shelf Life: -

12 months when stored in cool dry environment in factory packed unopened containers.

Health and Safety: -

It should be applied with gloves and care should be taken to see that it does not fall on skin or eyes. Splashes on to eyes have to be immediately washed with plenty of clean water and medical advice has to be taken.

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Staroxy 110 MOT UL is a high performance self-smoothing epoxy resin flooring system. It provides a hygienic, dust free floor with excellent mechanical and chemical resistance.


  • For hygienic, dust free floors

  • Excellent mechanical and chemical resistance


Industrial and commercial floors in laboratories, schools, plant rooms, factories, engineering workshops, hospital clean rooms and many more applications.

Technical Properties

  • Cure Time: -

Working Time: 40-50 Minutes

Foot Traffic Time: After Overnight Cure

Full Traffic: After 2-3 Days

  • Coverage: - 5.5 m2 per kit for 2 mm

  • Storage: - Store in dry shaded conditions between 5°C and +25°C Do not allow to freeze

  • Shelf Life: - 12 months when stored as recommended in original unopened containers

Application Instructions

  • Surface Preparation

Subfloor preparation is highly important with products of this nature. The surface should be free of oil and grease. Weak material or laitance should be removed prior to application of the product. Highly polished surfaces (e.g. power floated concrete, marble and terrazzo tiles) should be mechanically textured. The floor should then be either

vacuumed or swept clean. Sound, stable floor construction is essential.

  • Priming

All dry subfloors must be primed/sealed with Staroxy 103 MOT Surface Damp Proof Membrane prior to the application of Staroxy 110 MOT UL. For subfloors where there is no integral DPM two coats of Staroxy 103 MOT must be used.

  • Mixing

Staroxy 110 MOT UL is supplied as a three-component system comprising resin, curing agent, and aggregate, a total of 18 kg. Best results will be obtained by using a mechanical mixer, either a paddle fixed to an electric drill, or a forced action mixer. Add the curing agent B to the epoxy resin A and mix thoroughly until a smooth uniform colour is obtained. Using a suitably sized container, pour in the mixed A and B components and slowly add the fine aggregate component and mix for five minutes. Ensure all of the A and B residues are scraped from the tins.

  • Application

Pour the mixed product onto the subfloor and spread to the required thickness using a notched trowel to cover the area uniformly. Within a few minutes of troweling, a spiked roller should be run across the laid Staroxy 110 MOT to remove any trapped air. It may be necessary to repeat this after 10 minutes to remove any new bubbles. Avoid rolling areas of the floor which have already started to cure, as the screed may retain the imprint of the spikes. The minimum application temperature is 5°C although please note that curing times will be significantly extended. Under certain drying conditions below 10°C there is a risk of blooming.

Health and Safety

Safety data sheets must be read and understood before use.

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