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Air Cooler Cleaner


  • Fouling of air coolers is reduced thus heat transfer and engine efficiency is improved

  • Fire hazards from the build up of grease and residues are minimized.

  • Down time and expense of periodic dismantling of the air handling system for cleaning is eliminated.

  • Scavenging efficiency is improved by the reduction of deposit build-up around scavenging ports.

  • Water displacing surfactants incorporated in the chemical form a mono molecular film throughout the air handling system, which protects the metals and reduces the adherence of airborne contaminants.

Application Method

  • In service cleaning of diesel engine air coolers and scavenge trunk systems

  • For use in soak baths, immersion cleaning systems

  • Light carbon removal from machinery parts

Dosage and Usage Instructions

  • Aquamarine Carbon Remover combined Air Cooler Cleaner is suitable for all types of diesel engine.

  • The cleaner/fresh water mixture has no flash point and cylinder lubrication is not impaired.

  • The following table shows our recommendation for initial dosage per air cooler. This is based on one injection every 24 hours.

  • This can be varied based on performance of the pressure drops across the air coolers.

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