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3D Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy Terrazo Flooring

TERRAZZO is a highly decorative flooring system that combines pigmented polymer modified concrete with marble, colored glass, granite, or other approved  aggregates and is trowel applied at 8mm to 18mm nominal thickness and polished to expose a  beautiful matrix of resin and aggregates. Terrazzo provides outstanding durability and wear  resistance resulting in the lowest life cycle cost of any flooring system available.


  • Extensive color selection allows for unlimited design variations

  • Colors will not fade or wear thin

  • Chemical and stain resistant

  • High wear, impact and abrasion resistance

  • Rapid cure and finishing time

  • Less weight than marble, granite

  • Low odour during application and cure, can be applied in occupied buildings

  • Low maintenance.

  • more suitable for multi-story buildings

  • Resists bacteria and fungal growth

  • Lowest life-cycle cost decorative flooring

  • Low odour for use in occupied areas

Scope Of Work

Terrazzo floors method can be divided in two phases, first one is laying and

second is Polishing, first step covers start to finish of laying including floor preparation,  primer, Divider strip installation, fibre isolation if needed to prevent substrate crack to  go thru the terrazzo and laying of PMC Terrazzo.

Second phase covers Grinding, polishing, Grouting and sealer to achieve the minimum  abrasion resistant and non – penetrating stain surface.

Here is the detailed description of throughout process.

Phase 1 - Laying Terrazzo

  1. Surface Assesment

  2. Surface Preparation

  3. Primer / Isolation Membrane

  4. Divider Strip Installation

  5. Laying of Terrazzo

Phase 2 - Grindng, Polishing, Sealing and Burnishing

  1. Grinding

  2. Grout

  3. Polishing

  4. Sealer

  5. Burnishing

Other Useful Products

Epoxy Coving.jpg
  • Staroxy 20 SF – Sand Coving

  • Aggregates – Sand, Silica Powder, Talc Powder

  • Staroxy 21 WB – Water base Coving

  • Stancrete 33 PU – PU base Coving

  • Stanrocove 25 – Covefinish

  • Staroxy 22 – Epoxy Coving Paint

  • Starothane 23 – PU Coving Paint

  • Starothane Yellow/White – PU Yellow Lining Paint

  • Staroxy Yellow/White – Epoxy Yellow Lining Paint

  • Epoxy Pigments

  • PU & EPU Pigments

  • Resinous Concrete Pigments

  • Starocrackfill – Crack Fill Material

  • Starocrackseal – Crack Seal Material

  • Staroxy Epocrete – Epoxy Mortar Repair

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