Exterior Paints


  • Exterior paint is exposed to all types of varying weather conditions. Exterior paint is therefore required to provide protection against UV radiation of the sun as well as fungal growth.

  • It’s made to combat mildew as well as fading. In addition, they have to be fade resistant as they face very high temperatures.

  • The resins used for exterior paint can be softer so that they can withstand temperature changes and ill effects due to exposure to moisture. They are supposed to be flexible and not easily crack on expansion/contraction.

  • Exterior paint must be tougher and should be capable of resisting peeling and crumbling.

  • It’s supposed to water resistant; hence they are made waterproof.

  • Exterior paint contains many additives like pesticides and fungicides.

  • Exterior Paints release more volatile organic compound as it cures, making it unsafe for indoor use.

  • Exterior paint can be applied to a variety of substrates simply by changing the sheen. When it rains the exterior of your house acts as a sponge absorbing small amounts of water.

Our products have been tested and approved by trusted authorities such as CFTRI, CSIR, VJTI.

Surface Preparation

  • New surfaces must be allowed to cure completely. It is recommended to allow 28 days as the curing time for new surfaces. Surface should be free from any loose paint, dust or grease. Growths of fungus, algae or moss should be removed by wire brushing and water. In case of areas having excessive dampness using Stanrose Damp Block to limit further dampness. When the underlying surface exhibits chalkiness, in spite of thorough surface cleaning, use Stanrocrackseal. In case of dents and holes use Stanrose Wall Putty or white cement and fine sand in the ratio 1:3.




Staroguard Prime is water-based primer that provides superior adhesion to all exterior top coats. Highlights

  • Increased whiteness and good hiding.
  • Excellent adhesion to topcoat material.
  • Does not chalk and can be applied on cured plaster.
  • Resists the peeling off of topcoat material.
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Staroguard Prime WP is a modified acrylic, water-based alkali resistant primer-cum-sealer with silicone additives. Primero’s binder rich formula is specially designed to seal porosity of highly absorptive substrates. It’s use not only prevents efflorescence, but also offers higher coverage to subsequent top coats. Highlights

  • Good sealing property
  • Increased topcoat coverage.
  • Can be applied on multiple surfaces.
  • Increased whiteness and good hiding.
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Staroguard Extreme APX is a smooth water-based, modified acrylic, exterior wall finish with silicon additives. It is specially formulated to withstand extreme tropical conditions of high rainfall, humidity and heat. It provides excellent resistance to growth of algae and fungi on the walls. This prevents appearance of black spots on walls due to algal growth. It provides extremely good protection against alkali and UV degradation thus ensuring that the shade doesn’t fade for a long time and the paint lasts longer.


Staroguard Ultra Protek is Advanced Anti-algal Weather Proof is a water-based, modified acrylic smooth emulsion with silicon additives that offers an anti-algal and high-performance exterior wall finish. Staroguard Ultra Protek is designed with a unique Dirt Pick Up Resistance (DPUR) property. It fights dust from settling on the wall surface and thereby retains the initial beauty. Staroguard Ultra Protek offers excellent sheen, giving your newly painted home a classy finish.


This is a two-component amine cured solvent free epoxy coating for wall. It is a self-smoothing, easy to apply product, leaving a seamless surface. It has excellent chemical, abrasion and impact resistance. If enhanced slip resistance is required Stanrose Anti-Skid can be used in the system. Can be applied directly in two coats or on

approved primers depending on the conditions of the concrete substrate.


Two component, air drying, acrylic aliphatic polyurethane coating.

  • Excellent finish with high gloss

  • Excellent color & gloss retention

  • Excellent outdoor durability

  • Excellent flow & leveling characteristics

  • Tough, abrasion resistant coatings

  • Good resistance to chemicals & polluted environments


Staroxy Wall WB 2K is a two-component water-based epoxy coating that exhibits excellent characteristics that rival solvent based products. Staroxy Wall WB 2K has superb chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, and substrate penetration. Staroxy Wall WB 2K is recommended for priming or coating concrete, wood or masonry. This product can withstand exposure to many common solvents and chemicals.


Heat reflective paint for Rooftop of terraces, industrial sheds, buildings, Polycarbonate sheets, GI sheets, SS, Sheets, Asbestos Sheets & etc.
Staroguard Heat Reflector for Rooftop very much useful to reduce interior temperature of your home or premises by10 degrees C in peak summer. This helps to reduce energy bills by around 15 percent when applied to the roof of central air-conditioned space. This coating is also used as waterproofing coating. If applied both interior and exterior, energy saving is noted up to 40 percent.
Product having Thermal insulation, Water proof and elastomeric properties. It is used for exterior coating of Roof Top of Buildings, Concrete, Terraces, Asbestos sheets, Industrial Sheds, and places requiring thermal insulation and waterproofing.