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ESD/Antistatic Flooring


  1. Staroxy ESD system covers the issues to be considered during specification, as well as some of the other requirements for a floor finish in electronic manufacturing and processing environments.

  2. Staroxy ESD Flooring system serves as a conduit for an electrical static charge (known as BVG or Body Voltage Generation accumulation on a person from movement across a surface) to discharge to a desired controlled ground point.

  3. ANSI defines “Static Dissipative” as anything with a resistance between 1 Million (106) Ohm’s and 1 Billion (109) Ohms.

Recommended For

  1. Electronics, plat panel, and medical device manufacturing

  2. Cleanroom manufacturing

  3. Computer and electronics handling, assembly or repair

  4. PCB soldering or rework

  5. Telecommunication installation areas

Conductive Epoxy Primer

Staroxy ESD 109 WB

  • Staroxy ESD  109 WB is a solvent free black two-pack low viscosity conductive primer based on Water base Epoxy. It is used prior to application of Antistatic Epoxy Floor Topcoat.


Copper Tape Grid

  • Copper Tape is an electrically conductive copper foil tape backed with a robust adhesive that is covered with an easy to remove liner making the application of this material easy, fast and accurate. Clean the substrate to remove dirt, oil and products that may interfere with the adhesive. Mark the area where the grid will be required using a pencil or chalk line. Remove the liner from the tape and press it down on the substrate next to the marking. For optimum conductivity center punch the tape if it crosses another run.


Conductive Epoxy Topcoat- 


Staroxy ESD 1032

  • It is a four-pack easy to apply, solvent free resin-based floor topping laid at 2mm. It is specially formulated as part of an antistatic system. To provide a hard wearing, seamless, antistatic floor with an electrical resistance in the range 5 x 10^3-5 or 5 x 10^6-7 ohms.


Other Useful Products

Epoxy Coving.jpg
  • Staroxy 20 SF – Sand Coving

  • Aggregates – Sand, Silica Powder, Talc Powder

  • Staroxy 21 WB – Water base Coving

  • Stancrete 33 PU – PU base Coving

  • Stanrocove 25 – Covefinish

  • Staroxy 22 – Epoxy Coving Paint

  • Starothane 23 – PU Coving Paint

  • Starothane Yellow/White – PU Yellow Lining Paint

  • Staroxy Yellow/White – Epoxy Yellow Lining Paint

  • Epoxy Pigments

  • PU & EPU Pigments

  • Resinous Concrete Pigments

  • Starocrackfill – Crack Fill Material

  • Starocrackseal – Crack Seal Material

  • Staroxy Epocrete – Epoxy Mortar Repair

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