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Marine Care Cleaning Chemicals

Stanrose® BETA – HD Nuclear DC Chemical

BETA – HD Nuclear DC Chemical is a heavy duty cleaner mainly designed for cleaning of nuclear contamination. It provides excellent
result for degreasing of oil, soil, grease etc. It is very effective for decontamination of nuclear contaminated equipments, nuclear
contaminated cloths, tools, floors, glass, wall etc. It is non flammable, bio degradable, non toxic, colorless, low foam, eco friendly, stable
liquid advisable for cleaning of even very heavy contamination. Recommended for nuclear, pharma, chemical, textile industries.


Stanrose® Stanpol-B-300

Stanrose® Stanpol-B-300 Toilet cleaner prevents the build-up of stains in the toilet bowl and keeps it visibly clean with effective removal of germs in the toilet

Stanrose® Degreaser - M

Stanrose® Degreaser-M is an Environmentally Sensible, heavy duty, non-flammable, non-hazardous, mildly alkaline aqueous carbon remover and degreaser. The product carries a complete corrosion Inhibition package and rinse aid technology. Formulated specifically for cleaning stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum alloys and all other ferrous and non ferrous metals. Cleans all Types of soils including sulphur based cutting fluids, adhesives, carbon, dirt, oils, grinding, finishing & polishing compounds, water & solvent based inks Carbon, Dirt, Cutting Fluids.

Stanrose® Multi Clean

A multi-purpose concentrated cleaner/degreaser precisely formulated for industry; removes stubborn soils, greases, oils, sludge, and soot.
Stanrose® Multi Clean is a cleaner, degreaser and disinfectant developed for the automotive, industrial, military and domestic marketplace. The unique formula contains technology that weakens a soil’s ability to cling to surfaces and lifts soils and traps them in a tiny bubble known as a micelle to be rinsed away. Stanrose® Multi Clean is a water based formula that is VOC compliant in all 50 states and contains no petroleum or chlorinated solvents.

Stanrose® One Shot BWT

Stanrose® One Shot BWT is a well-balanced blend of boiler water treatment chemicals designed to protect low pressure auxiliary and fire tube boilers against scale and corrosion.
It is liquid compound containing alkaline mineral salts, sequestering agents, scale and corrosion inhibitors and sludge conditioners.

Stanrose® Seacare OSD-III

Dispersants are chemicals that are applied directly to an oil slick. The key components of chemicals dispersants are surface active agents called Surfactants. Stanrose® Seacare OSD-III assists with breaking up the slick into small droplets ranging in size a few micrometers to few millimetres.
Chemical dispersants can do this because they contain molecules that are both water compatible and oil compatible. The molecules align themselves around the oil droplets break away from the slick. The Action prevents the coalescence (reforming or joining) of oil droplets. So, the oil can no longer form slick on water surface, and it reduces the adherence of the oil to solid particles ( sand ) and hard surfaces ( sea walls & boat hulls )Chemical dispersants remove the oil from the surface of the water and into the water column. Once in the water column, the oil is diluted to less harmful levels, and eventually is used as a food by bacteria. By removing the oil from the water surface, birds, marine mammals and sensitive coast is protected.

Stanrose® Seacare OSD-II

Dispersants are specially designed oil spill products that are composed of detergent‐like surfactants in low toxicity solvents. Dispersants do not remove oil from the water, but instead break the oil slick into small droplets. These droplets disperse into the water and are further broken down by nature. Dispersants also prevent the oil droplets from coming back together and forming another surface slick. Dispersed oil droplets are less likely to stick to birds and other animals, shoreline rocks, and vegetation.

Stanrose® Seacare OSD-I

Stanrose® Seacare OSD-I” is a biodegradable hydrocarbon based product with high dispersing efficiency and low toxicity. It is approved as a Type I dispersant according to LR448 specifications by the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) formerly the UK Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAFF).

Stanrose® Oxalwash

Stanrose® Oxalwash is a 100% super concentrated powder so you can safely dilute it to suit your cleaning task. It is a much safer option than most other acids used in cleaning including Hydrochloric and Hydrofluoric Acid.

Stanrose® Oxycontrol-H

When operating modern boiler facilities even under ideal conditions, trace quantities of oxygen are left in the feed water despite mechanical de-aeration.

Stanrose® Oxycontrol-S

Stanrose® Oxycontrol-S is an oxygen scavenger based on sodium sulphite blended with a specially selected catalyst which will effectively speed up the reaction of the sulphite with dissolved oxygen even at low temperatures.
Stanrose® Oxycontrol-S is the ideal oxygen scavenger for all water tube boilers operating below 60 atmospheres(850 psi).

Stanrose® Paint Remover

A fluffy, thick jelly like stripping compound based on non-flammable solvents, to soften, dissolve and remove dry old paint layers. It can remove air drying alkyd paints, stoving paints and water based paints
effectively. It can also remove two component polyurethane, epoxy and other coatings with applications in extended times. It has good penetration properties and allows quick removal of paint without any
considerable damage to the substrate.

Stanrose® SPOL

"Stanrose® SPOL" is a pH-neutral, liquid concentrated detergent with good cleaning qualities. It is multi- purpose heavy duty cleaning soap solution used as a common dirt remover in residential, commercial and industrial cleaning processes. It contains effective but mild and environmentally safe wetting agents and surfactants that allow rapid penetration to remove fats and oils. "Stanrose® SPOL" is especially suitable for hydrocarbon freeing of tanks, and is safe on all tank coatings including zinc silicate.

Stanrose® Tank Clean - Brite

Stanrose® Tank Clean HD is a micro emulsion water based tank cleaner. This product is low toxic, biodegradable and safe to use. It contains natural solvents linked with easily biodegradable surfactants. Main application is for hydrocarbon freeing but it may also be used for other tank cleaning purposes where a strong degreasing effect is required.

Stanrose® Tank Clean - Brite

It is concentrated acidic cleaner containing phosphoric acid and non-ionic surfactants. Tankleen Bright is formulated for effective removal of white residues from epoxy-coatings remaining after carriage of fatty acids as well as stains removal and to upgrade coated cargo tanks.

Stanrose® Tolune

Toluene is a fragrant compound of hydrogen and carbon (hydrocarbon), it is clear in colour with an odour similar to paint thinners, probably because most paint thinners contain Toluene around 30%.

Stanrose® Vaptreat

Stanrose® Vaptreat is a concentrated liquid blend of polymer and antifoam agents for controlling scale and foam in evaporators. Stanrose® Vaptreat is Approved by the Norwegian National Institute of Public Health for application in evaporator systems that are used to produce potable water.

Stanrose® Waterless Hand Wash

It is a milky white creamy gel containing natural ingredients, moisturisers, surfactants, and powerful dispersing agents.
This is a better substitute to petroleum products & caustic based detergents which drain the body oil. Only 2 to 5 grams sufficient to clean most greasy hand.

Stanrose® Alky Control

This liquid additive is a hydroxide alkalinity builder and sludge conditioner designed to increase alkalinity in conjunction with other steam boiler treatments. It enhances the corrosion inhibition and improves the properties of other boiler water products by helping to stabilize the pH within a boiler. It can be used on a "one-shot" application basis, or with an automated continuous feed system, and is safe to use with other boiler treatment chemicals.

Stanrose® 3-in-1 Rust Cleaner

Stanrose® 3-in-1 Rust Cleaner is an incredibly versatile product which acts as a light duty lubricant, penetrant/release agent, dewatering fluid and corrosion preventative. Stanrose® 3-in-1 Rust Cleaner contains a blend of cleaning solvents to wash away residues of oil and grease, dispelling water and allowing deep penetration into threads and mechanisms. A combination of mineral oils and oxidised waxes provide lubrication and unrivalled corrosion protection. In aggressive accelerated salt spray tests Stanrose® 3-in-1 Rust Cleaner has been shown to provide up to 3 times the protection of rival products.

Stanrose® AC Cleaner

“Stanrose® AC Cleaner” is a powerful solvent emulsion cleaner for the cleaning of diesel engine air coolers, scavenging air systems and compressor sides of turbochargers.

Stanrose® AC Cleaner Plus

“STANROSE® AC CLEANER PLUS” is a powerful cleaning agent for cleaning of diesel engine air coolers, scavenging air systems and the compressor side of turbochargers. “STANROSE® AC CLEANER PLUS” is a micro-emulsion type cleaner, where a synergistic blend of biodegradable surfactants and low toxicity solvents replace the use of the harmful solvents traditionally used in air cooler cleaners without reducing the cleaning performance. It is formulated to meet the latest environmental standards, and is non toxic both to the environment and to persons handling it. “STANROSE® AC CLEANER PLUS” contains no chlorinated or aromatic hydrocarbon solvents, nonylphenol ethoxylates or other substances harmful to the environment.

Stanrose® Alkaline Cleaner HD

Stanrose® Alkaline Cleaner HD is a high performance, heavy duty alkaline cleaner and detergent available in a liquid concentrate form. It is scientifically formulated for use in soak tanks, high pressure washers, automated scrubbing machines as well as for manual application.
Stanrose® Alkaline Cleaner HD is specially formulated from a blend of soaps, synthetic detergent, solvents and inorganic alkaline builders and comes in a highly concentrated form.
This product is an extremely versatile heavy duty industrial cleaner developed specifically for use in automated scrubbing machines, high pressure washers, soak tanks as well as for manual use.

Stanrose® Clean Care Alkaline

Non-caustic water based alkaline cleaner, containing corrosion inhibitors to prevent the corrosion of metals such as zinc, aluminium, copper, brass and tin. "STANROSE® CLEAN CARE ALKALINE" minimizes the hazards in handling caustic based materials.

Stanrose® Bio Guard

“Stanrose® Bio Guard” is a very effective clear , yellowish green with , anti fungal based dispersing cleaner for the control of fouling by marine growth such as algae, shellfish, mussels, barnacles and micro-organisms and fungal growth in the sea water side of cooling systems. Due to its molecular firm foaming properties, it also acts as a corrosion inhibitor. It should be preferably be started on a clean system since it is formulated to prevent growth rather than remove existing growth of micro-organism bacteria , fungi , larvae etc.

Stanrose® Aqua Degreaser

"STANROSE® AQUA DEGREASER" is mixture of Emulsifier, new technology surfactants (With high solvency and emulsification effect), Corrosion inhibitors, Rust preventive. due to free from caustic and Hydrocarbon very gentle on hands & ideal for cleaning Walls Wood works, Metals and all areas. Acts as superior quality cleaner / degreaser.
"STANROSE® AQUA DEGREASER" containing corrosion inhibitors to prevents the corrosion of metals such as Aluminium, Copper, Brass and Tin. "STANROSE® AQUA DEGREASER" is designed to clean Animal / Vegetables oils, Fats, Hydrocarbon removes Dirt, Iink, Carbonized grease, Oil, Heavy oils etc. Specialized for all types of cleaning and degreasing may be applied by brush, hand spray or used in ultrasonic cleaning tanks, immersion soak tanks and high and low pressure spray appliances. May be used neat or diluted by up to 50 parts of water according to the amount and type of soil to be Removed.

Stanrose® Aquatuff HF

"Stanrose® Aqua HF " is a heavy duty alkaline cleaner with good foaming qualities specially formulated for cleaning cargo holds on bulk carriers and OBOs. The dense foam created prevents the cleaning solution from running off vertical surfaces and thereby enhances the cleaning efficiency. It is water based and is safe to the environment, containing only biodegradable ingredients. It effectively removes most dry cargoes to “water white standard” " Stanrose® Aqua HF " is specially developed for cargo hold cleaning. But may also be used for other cleaning applications where " Stanrose® Aqua HF " normally is used and where high foam is beneficial.


Stanrose® Biocide

“Stanrose® Biocide” is a liquid, pumpable algicide dispersion for water-based technical products. Due to the very low
water solubility it is especially recommended for coating exposed to severe weathering.
“Stanrose® Biocide” controls algal growth on paints and plasters on the exterior of buildings and so enhancing their aesthetic appearance.

Stanrose® Bio-Degreaser HP

Stanrose® Bio Degeaser - HP is a non-emulsifying degreaser based on a blend of high boiling hydrocarbons and surfaceactive components. It is suited to remove most mineral oils, greases and preserving agents. Safe to use on most metals.
Undiluted at a temperature of ± 20 °C it can also be used on most synthetics, paints, lacquers, epoxy and zinc silicate coatings.

Stanrose® Bio Degreaser

“Stanrose® Bio Degreaser” is a non-emulsifying degreaser based on a blend of high boiling hydrocarbons and surfaceactive components. It is suited to remove most mineral oils, greases and preserving agents. Safe to use on most metals.
Undiluted at a temperature of ± 20 °C it can also be used on most synthetics, paints, lacquers, epoxy and zinc silicate coatings.

Stanrose® Anti-Fouling

Stanrose® Anti-Fouling is a very effective clear , yellowish green with anti fungal based dispersing cleaner for the control of fouling by marine growth such as algae, shellfish, mussels, barnacles and micro-organisms and fungal growth in the sea water side of cooling systems. Due to its molecular firm foaming properties, it also acts as a corrosion inhibitor.

Stanrose® BTC

Stanrose® BTC is a biological product which has been specially formulated for the removal of stains and deposits on urinals and toilets. Stanrose® BTC can also be used in waterless urinal systems. It also helps reduce or eliminate odours associated with these systems. Stanrose® BTC is safe to use in Septic Tank Installations where the use of nasty chemicals is not advised. Stanrose® BTC is a completely natural toilet cleaner which is made of no hazardous chemicals and only naturally occurring bacterial products combined. This combined product is an excellent toilet cleaner and will leave a fresh clean smell.

Stanrose® BTC contains a blend of selected micro-organisms in a liquid formulation. These micro-organisms have been specially selected as being naturally occurring and for their ability to grow and produce a wide range of enzymes which help to degrade organic waste materials.
Stanrose® BTC also contains a blend of surfactants designed to enhance the cleaning effect of the product and also to penetrate into deposits on surfaces. This also aids the microbial action by making a greater surface area available for microbial attack.
All aspects of the formulation help to remove organic materials and prevent build up of deposits which can lead to off odours in toilets and urinals. This action helps to mobilise the organic material and transport it to the wastewater treatment plant where it can be properly treated. The chemical ingredients of the product are biodegradable so will not have an adverse effect on the operation of an effluent treatment plant.

Stanrose® BWT Coagulant

Stanrose® BWT Coagulant prevents the formation of deposits on boiler internal surfaces. Sludge is kept dispersed in small particles and conditioned to be removed by normal blowdown. In this way tube overheating due to deposits is avoided. The product is a liquid so is easy to feed to the affected area. The treatment is primarily used in conjunction with Hardness Control, but also with other Stanrose® chemical treatments. Stanrose® BWT Coagulant can also be used where minor oil contamination has been experienced, the oil being required to be coagulated for removal by blowdown.

Stanrose®Carbon Remover

It is a non-corrosive, powerful micro emulsion based cleaner for removal of carbonaceous deposits. It contains no chlorinated solvents or phenolic compounds and has low toxicity to the environment and to persons handling it.

Stanrose® Carpet Shampoo

Stanrose® Carpet Shampoo is a clear light green liquid that quickly and easily eliminates stains and malodors wherever they occur. It settles into fabrics depositing its minuscule encapsulating molecules that absorb unpleasant odours trapped in carpets, rugs and upholstery and also deposit its odour encapsulating blend that eliminates bad odours; the biodegradable surfactants and solvents present in Stanrose® Carpet Shampoo then cleans and pick up all soil and dirt for a perfect cleaning job. This product can be used on any fabric, however test an inconspicuous area before to make sure there is no change in appearance.

Stanrose® Cement Remover

Stanrose® Cement Remover is designed to instantly penetrate and disperse cement, providing complete cleaning of cement cargo deposits, dry cement stains and lime deposits. The product is capable of cleaning hard cement deposits perfectly while removing the possible existing rust. Stanrose® Cement Remover is water based and non-flammable containing powerful acids, inhibitors for surface protection and efficient detergents.

Stanrose® Gum Remover

“Stanrose® Gum Remover” is designed to soften and remove residues of chewing gum from floors, carpets, and upholstery. Rapidly lifts chewing gum from carpets and porous surfaces without the need for damaging freeze sprays Use as supplied Suitable for use on most carpets and upholstery within schools, hospitals, leisure complexes and other public areas Heavy duty performance even on old and trodden-in gum Citrus fragrance

Stanrose® Chlorine Tab

Stanrose® Chlorinating Tablet is a dry organic chlorine in tablet form giving a high available chlorine base, ensuring an effective sterilising and disinfecting action in slow release form. 200g tablet with 90-92% available chlorine. For chlorination of swimming pools, sewage and waste water.Standard tablet size: 75 mm diameter - 25 mm H. For swimming pool water treatment: 4 large tablets every 100 m3 of water to be put in skimmers or in floating trays. For waste water treatment, fill the chlorinating pipes until 2 to 5 PPM of residual active chlorine are obtained. If below 2 PPM, use both chlorinating pipes.

Stanrose® PWD Combitreat

Stanrose® PWD Combitreat is a dry powder compound containing alkaline mineral salts, sequestering agents, scale and corrosion inhibitors and scale conditioners.

Stanrose®Control C

Product Description :
“Stanrose® Control C” is a concentrated liquid neutralizing agent for corrosion control in condensate and feed water systems.

Technical Review :
Carbon dioxide enters the condensate system in two ways :-
(a) As a dissolved gas.
(b) As a decomposition product of soluble carbonates and bicarbonates , carbon dioxide vaporizes from the boiler and forms carbonic acid when it condenses with the condensate lowering the pH, iron and copper will enter into solution more rapidly as pH decreases causing an increase in corrosion rate. Within the condensate system and deposition of metallic oxides in the boiler “Stanrose® Control C” is quickly volatilised in the boiler and travels with the stream. In this way, it is able to neutralize carbon dioxide at all points through out the system, “Stanrose® Control C” effectively protects condensate areas against grooving or channeling and prevents the frequent failure at threaded points caused by low pH attack.

Stanrose® Coolant

It is a blend of organic compound along with 3 to 15% benzotriazole is especially useful in preventing cavitation corrosion in high speed coolant pumps having aluminum housing and impellers. This could aid service life.

Stanrose® Corrosion Inhibitor

A corrosion inhibitor is a substance when added in a small concentration to an environment reduces the corrosion rate of a metal exposed to that environment. Inhibitors often play an important role in the oil extraction and processing industries where they have always been considered to be the first line of defence against corrosion.

Stanrose® Biostan Oil Cleaner

"Stanrose® Biostan Oil Cleaner" is a very strong cleaner, which can be used to soften up / remove baked on drying oils and used after animal and vegetable oils, fish oils, tall oils, tug oils etc .It is low toxic product with an exceptional solvency power on soil & oily matter. It is free from hydrocarbon solvents, Biodegradable minimizes the extreme hazards to personnel in handling materials.

Stanrose® Deck Cleaner

This Eco-Safe deck cleaner is just what you need to clean your deck or to prepare it for staining or water sealing. Stanrose® Deck Cleaner not only cleans the wood decking but restores the wood to a "like new" colour tone, removing the grey weathered wood fibers. No chemical odours, non damaging to plants or grass, not harmful for your pets or children this Stanrose® Deck Cleaner is the ultimate deck cleaner. This video below shows you the entire deck cleaning process, the deck in the video is made of expensive mahogany wood, and you will notice how the colour comes back to the mahogany decking. Stanrose® Deck Cleaner works on all types of wood decking. Stanrose® Deck Cleaner will also dissolve old deck stain so that it can be cleaned and re-stained.
This product is made from hydrogen peroxide there is no chemical odours or fumes. Stanrose® Deck Cleaner will not harm plants or grass and it’s safe to use over water, it biodegrades very rapidly only hours after use. Stanrose® Deck Cleaner will not harm people or pets; it will not stain other surfaces and is both safe and highly effective Stanrose® Deck Cleaner is formulated to penetrate wood and uses oxygen bubbles to extract debris from the decking so it can be easily cleaned off. Use of Stanrose® Deck Cleaner and a power washer will greatly lengthen the amount of time your deck will remain clean with a great new look that you just worked so hard to provide. Stanrose® Deck Cleaner will remove surface stains caused by mould and mildew.

Stanrose® Deflame Electrosolv

Stanrose® Deflame Electrosolv is a fast evaporating cleaner that leaves no residue. The product is suited for cleaning electrical and electronic devices. The product is used as an electrical contact cleaner to remove grease, dirt, oil, flux and other surface contaminants from sensitive electrical/electronics devices. Stanrose® Deflame Electrosolv can also be used to clean motorized instruments, control panels, electrically driven equipment, motors and other electronic devices requiring non-flammable, low residue degreasing agents.

Stanrose® Liquid Descaler

A fully inhibited, fast acting descaler.

Stanrose® DI Water

Stanrose® DI Water is simply water that has had most of the mineral content and dissolved ion content removed. It is pure water.
The cleanliness of the water is rated as its resistance value. [Pure water will not conduct electricity][The rating is in Meg Ohms.
Microsiemmens or Conductivity is also used as a measurement of DI water Standard tap water is brought to a temperature of about 72 degrees f and run though a pre filter system consisting of a 25 micron sediment filter, 25 micron carbon filter and either a water softener filter or a chloramines filter [depending on your particular water quality and your local government treatment method] and then the main DI system consisting .5-micron filter to remove particulates, a carbon filter then removes any organics within the water. A reverse osmosis filter removes further contaminants and a mixed bed resin filter removes the final dissolved minerals. This is a very basic process for production of DI water on a small scale.
Larger systems are very complicated and use pumps and re- circulation loops to provide larger volumes of DI water.

Stanrose® Diesel Guard

Stanrose® Diesel Guard is a dry powder, nitrite/borate based compound with unique formulation with organic Corrosion Inhibitors, Anti- Scalant for use in closed cooling water systems , for preventing corrosion and scale formation in Internal combustion engines, compressor cooling system, DG - set at high or low temperature. It is also acts as a corrosion inhibitor (Protects all the metals including cast iron, mild steel , copper).
The stable oxide film that is formed by Stanrose® Diesel Guard prevents corrosion caused by electrolytic action between dissimilar metals used in the system . Stanrose® Diesel Guard has been field tested and found to have no detrimental effects on non metallic substances such as seals, glands, packing, hoses, gaskets etc., normally used in these' systems.

Stanrose® Dieslite

Stanrose® Dieslite is a catalytic combustion improver which permits the burning of lower cost residual fuel oils.

Stanrose® Easy Dish Clean

The OH eco-friendly liquid dish soap is fragrance free, dye free, phosphate free and formaldehyde free.

Stanrose® Drain Cleaner

Stanrose® Drain Cleaner, enzyme free biological drain cleaner, opener and maintainer, is the latest development in the natural, biological treatment of grease laden drain systems. This select multiple strain synergistic blend of bacteria is specifically designed to go to work to provide rapid penetration, breakdown and degradation of organic deposits and blockages found throughout drain systems. Stanrose® Drain Cleaner also effectively counteracts odours often caused by organic build-ups within the drain system while penetrating to attack and digest grease and waste thus eliminating the source of the odours.

Stanrose® Dual Purpose

Stanrose® Dual Purpose is a specially formulated blend of organic dispersing agents, water displacing surfactants and combustion catalysts.
This product is designed to meet two objectives:
1. Improve the precombustion characteristics of light and heavy fuels.
2. Introduce combustion catalysts into the combustion zone to improve combustion efficiency and minimize fireside corrosion and deposit problems.

Stanrose® Electriclean

The Stanrose® Electriclean, is an electric motor and machinery cleaner, designed to clean and degrease in-place running electric motors. It is a non-corrosive, no flash point, high dielectric strength and powerful cleaning solution capable of ridding dirt, grime, grease and oil off metal electric motor components, including precision parts, rollers, elevator shafts, control points, bearings, coils and rotors. Leaving no residue and containing no CFCs or trichloroethylene, the Stanrose® Electriclean is also clean and safe to use. Rigorously tested to ensure performance is up to mark, it is a handy tool suitable for use in places where electric machinery sees extensive use and the cleaning of electric components are vital to maintain smooth operation, such as manufacturing plants, printing plants, garages, automotive repair shops, office buildings, hospitals, restaurants, schools.

Stanrose® Electrosolve Slow Dry

Stanrose® Electrosolv Slow Dry are cold degreasing safety solvents. They combine the best cleaning - qualities of the inflamable solvents and carbon tetra chloride, but eliminate the explosive and toxic dangers of these products. They are designed for degreasing and cleaning electrical equipments such as motors and generators, circuit breakers, distribution panels, machinery, instruments, etc. Additionally these cleaners are very effective for removing dust particulars and oils where water washing is cumbesome, messy, troublesome or rust promoting.

Stanrose® Electrosolv

Stanrose® Electrosolv is an excellent Electric Parts cleaneing solvent. It is a perfect blend of non-chlorinated degresol with surfactants which help in degreasing and cleaning electrical equipments.
The application of this product is very easy and it can be used for all electrical equipments. It is suitable to use on painted or varnished metal surfaces too. It may have an adverse effect on rubber or plastic. It is advisable to either remove the rubber or plastic parts if possible, or experiment on small portion of such parts before use.
The Salient features of Stanrose® Electrosolv are that it provides immediate and efficient cleaning with quick drying property. It has high dissolving and penetration action so easily mixes with solvents and helps cleaning even heavy dirt. It is safe on applied electrical insulation and it is non corrosive nature makes it easier to use even on painted and varnished surfaces without causing any harm to it. It does not contain chlorinated solvents. It has excellent degreasing and emulsification power even for toughest dirt and grime. It can be used as an alternative to conventional electric cleaners. It has eco friendly components making it environment safe product for power generation industry.

Stanrose® Anti Moist Electrosolv

Stanrose® Anti Moist Electrosolv is a multi purpose cleaner that easily removes oily soils, displaces water, and leaves behind a lubricating, corrosion protective, non-greasy film, Stanrose® Anti Moist Electrosolv maintains and restores electrical and electronic equipment from the effects of moisture and corrosion. It also protects metals against corrosion.

Stanrose® Fostreat BWT

Stanrose® Fostreat BWT is a dry powdered phosphate based treatment used to precipitate calcium hardness as a non adherent sludge. Stanrose® Fostreat BWT is a free-flowing white powder which is readily soluble in water. When Stanrose® Fostreat BWT is added to the boiler water under proper conditions it supplies the necessary phosphate to chemically react with calcium hardness to prevent the formation calcium carbonate, sulphate and/or silicate scales. The reaction between calcium and phosphate produces a finely divided non adherent sludge (calcium phosphate) which remains suspended in the boiler water and removed through blowdown.

Stanrose® Fuel Care

Stanrose® Fuel Care is a fuel oil additive specifically designed to act as a water emulsifier and also to disperse and dissolve sludge in all types of fuel grades. This way, fuel blends gain a homogeneous nature while compatibility problems are reduced.

Stanrose® Fuel Demulsion

Stanrose® Fuel Demulsification is the breaking of a crude oil emulsion into oil and water phases.

Stanrose® Glass Magic

Stanrose® Glass Magic is versatile and safe enough to use on your most delicate glass surfaces, yet is strong enough to quickly cut through the toughest dirt, dust, fingerprint and haze deposits. Stanrose® Glass Magic is biodegradable, ready to use, foaming, nonabrasive, professional grade, non-flammable and non-ozone depleting.

Stanrose® Graffiti Eraser

An effective graffiti remover developed for indoor use where occurrences of graffiti must be removed quickly and safely.

Stanrose® Hard Cleaner - MP

Stanrose®Hard Cleaner - MP is a versatile concentrated industrial strength surfactant and hard surface cleaner. This product has no free caustic, it relies on the non-ionic, anionic and inorganic detergents to emulsify and rinse clean on all surfaces.
The specially selected wetting agents ensure rapid penetration of surface grime layers.

Stanrose® Hyrocarbon Remover

Stanrose® Hydrocarbon Remover cleans is a multipurpose neutral cleaner to remove vegetable and animal oils and fats from zinc-silicate coated tanks. "Stanrose® Hydrocarbon Remover" Cleans removes remaining hydrocarbons from any tank surface after carrying light to moderate cargoes or after cleaning with solvent based degreasers.

Stanrose® Degreaser HD

Stanrose® Degresol HD is a versatile heavy duty degreaser meant for tough industrial cleaning jobs. It emulsifies greasy, oily soil for easy and complete removal. A special low foam formulation makes this water based cleaner / degreaser ideal for use in automatic floor scrubbing machines. It eliminates costly work stoppages due to foam build-up in the recovery tank.
This product is economical and versatile. Its varied dilution ratios enable use in a wide range of applications, from heavy duty degreasing to general purpose cleaning. When used in pressure sprayers, it generates cleaning power without over abundant suds.

Stanrose® Hand Cleaner - HD

Stanrose® Hand Cleaner HD removes grease, grime, dirt, oil, wet paint, tar, soot, carbon and much more. Non-toxic and nonflammable, Simple Green® Heavy-Duty Hand Cleaner Gel can be used with salt water, fresh water or without any water at all.

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