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Interior Paints


  • Interior paint is more to do with aesthetics and decoration purposes and at the same time, they need to add properties of easy maintenance, wash ability and dampness prevention.

  • It’s designed to withstand abrasion. Interior paint is also designed to be more delicate than exterior paint because they occupy the same space as you do.

  • Interior paint is so made that they can be scrubbed and can resist staining. Interior paint is formulated to be more resistant to physical damage.

  • The resins used for interior paint can be firmer because the paint does not have to deal with weather and temperature differences like exterior paint.

  • Interior paint is not required to be fade resistant as they are not subject to extreme temperature conditions and hence do not fade easily.

  • Interior paints need to be stained resistant for hiding brush and roller marks.

  • Interior paint should get cured even without direct exposure to sunlight.

  • Interior paint does not require additives like pesticides and fungicides.

  • It is made washable so as to clean spots and marks that they accidentally get especially by small kids and pets at home.

  • Interior paint should have a low or zero VOC (Volatile organic compounds). This is important in preserving the air quality in your home. Low or zero VOC help to reduce your health risks.

Our products have been tested and approved by trusted authorities such as CFTRI, CSIR, VJTI.

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