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Stanrose® 3-in-1 Rust Cleaner

Stanrose® 3-in-1 Rust Cleaner is an incredibly versatile product which acts as a light duty lubricant, penetrant/release agent, dewatering fluid and corrosion preventative. Stanrose® 3-in-1 Rust Cleaner contains a blend of cleaning solvents to wash away residues of oil and grease, dispelling water and allowing deep penetration into threads and mechanisms. A combination of mineral oils and oxidised waxes provide lubrication and unrivalled corrosion protection. In aggressive accelerated salt spray tests Stanrose® 3-in-1 Rust Cleaner has been shown to provide up to 3 times the protection of rival products.

Common Name

High quality 3 in 1 corrosion preventive, moisture displacer and light lubricant

Product Code

Features and Benefits

Versatile and effective non sticky light duty lubricant.
Penetrates and releases corroded components, nuts and bolts.
Non conductive
Displaces water from wet components, switches, motors and ignition systems.
Protects electrical contacts from corrosion.
Contains oxidised waxes and corrosion preventatives.
Protects components, mechanisms and equipment from corrosion during storage and following aqueous cleaning.
In accelerated corrosion testing Stanrose® 3-in-1 Rust Cleaner provided up to 100 hours salt spray resistance.
Solvent cleaning action flushes away residues of old oil and grease.
Safe for use on ferrous and nonferrous metals.

Technical Properties

TECHNICAL DATA (for bulk liquid)
COLOUR - Brown
ODOUR - Hydrocarbon Solvent
VOC CONTENT - 644g/l
SOLUBILITY - Insoluble in water
SALT SPRAY - Up to 100 hours
FLASH POINT (°C) - 43 P/M Pensky-Martens.
VISCOSITY - 3 cps @ 20°C
SURFACE TENSION - 20 mN/m @ 20°C

PROPELLANT - Hydrocarbon

Recommended Uses

Release of tightly corroded components, nuts and bolts during maintenance and repair.
Routine lubrication of mechanisms switches and contacts during maintenance.
Displacement of water from electrical and ignition systems.
Protection of components, machined surfaces and equipment from corrosion during storage or transit.
Protection of manufactured items in production environments to prevent corrosion, aid assembly and ensure items remain in original condition following storage.

Method of Application

When applying to electrical components and switches ensure power is switched off prior to application and allow to drain and air dry fully before reconnection. Stanrose® 3-in-1 Rust Cleaner may be applied by spraying onto and around the component. For release of nuts and bolts allow a short contact time following application to ensure total penetration. It is often better to tighten nuts slightly to crack the rust prior to unwinding. Stanrose® 3-in-1 Rust Cleaner may also be used for immersion of components in trays or deep tanks. This is particularly effective when using Stanrose® 3-in-1 Rust Cleaner as a corrosion preventative in production situations.

Storage and Handling

Keep away from heat, sparks and open flame. Ensure that the working area is well ventilated.
Store at moderate temperatures in dry, well-ventilated area.
Flammable liquid storage.
Health and Safety Data sheet available separately.

Packing Available

25 Ltr. / 210 Ltr.

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