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Stanrose® Alky Control

This liquid additive is a hydroxide alkalinity builder and sludge conditioner designed to increase alkalinity in conjunction with other steam boiler treatments. It enhances the corrosion inhibition and improves the properties of other boiler water products by helping to stabilize the pH within a boiler. It can be used on a "one-shot" application basis, or with an automated continuous feed system, and is safe to use with other boiler treatment chemicals.

Common Name

Alkalinity Control

Product Code


Features and Benefits

Enhances the alkalinity and the corrosion inhibiting properties of our other boiler treat products.
Completely soluble in both hard and soft water boiler system.
Helps to stabilize the pH within a boiler.
Convenient ready to use liquid.
Can be mixed with most treatment chemicals.
No carbon dioxide releases as with soda ash.

Technical Properties

Form - Colourless Liquid
Fragrance - Characteristic
Sp. Gravity - 1.25
Flash Point - None
pH Value - 13.0 - 14.0

Recommended Uses

It is used in controlled amounts so as to maintain a phenolphthalein alkalinity in boiler water in the range of 300 to 500 ppm as calcium carbonate. Alkalinity control ranges will vary depending upon boiler operating pressure.

Method of Application

“Stanrose® Alky Control " can be fed either intermittently to the boiler feed water line or with a continuous feed pump to the feed water line, deaerator or boiler drum. “Stanrose® Alky Control " can be mixed in the phosphate - dispersive tank. Materials of construction of the feed equipment are not critical, but dissimilar materials should be avoided. Steel valves should be used in place of brass.

Storage and Handling

Keep container closed not in use.
“Stanrose® Alky Control " contains strong alkali and will cause burns.
Avoid contact with skin or clothing.
Wash with large quantities of water in case of contact with eyes treat with large volumes of cold water for 15 minutes and see a physician.
When handling use goggels or face shield, rubber gloves etc.
Keep from freezing.
Store inside.

Packing Available

25 Ltr. / 210 Ltr.

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