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Stanrose® Biocide

“Stanrose® Biocide” is a liquid, pumpable algicide dispersion for water-based technical products. Due to the very low
water solubility it is especially recommended for coating exposed to severe weathering.
“Stanrose® Biocide” controls algal growth on paints and plasters on the exterior of buildings and so enhancing their aesthetic appearance.

Common Name

Biocide & Algaecide

Product Code


Features and Benefits

Miscibility/Solubility - Miscible with water. Virtually insoluble in water and organic solvents.
Stability - The activity of the active ingredient is not changed by short-term temperature stress during processing at up to 100°C or in the pH-range of 4-10.

Technical Properties

These values do not constitute specifications
Appearance - flowable, white to yellowish-greyish dispersion
Density - 20oC 0.97 to 1.07 g/cm3
Viscosity η 20°C - 60 to 90 KU
Particle size - 0 to 30 mm

Recommended Uses

“Stanrose® Biocide” is based on an active substance which is practically water insoluble. “Stanrose® Biocide” can therefore be used in appropriate paint formulations and coatings where it is exposed to weathering and periodically damp conditions.
In addition to the inherent effectiveness of “Stanrose® Biocide” other factors are necessary for long term performance, e.g., formulation of the ready for use product and optimum dosage are also necessary.
In extreme cases where, for example, faults in construction technology lead to the permanent wetting of particular areas, successful application of microbicidal paint can only be effective after the construction faults have been rectified.
If on a coated surface, moulds or fungi are anticipated in addition to algae, the paint or plaster in question must be treated additionally with a suitable fungicide.
“Stanrose® Biocide” is only an algicide. Therefore, it can replace neither an in-can preservative nor a fungicide.
“Stanrose® Biocide” must be blended homogeneously with the product to be protected. It is recommended to add “Stanrose® Biocide” at the beginning of manufacturing processes.

Method of Application

Dosage :
The optimum dosage necessary of a microbicide depends largely upon the contamination risk, the exposure conditions and the general susceptibility of the coating (paint or plaster) to microbial growth.
For that reason, the concentration ranges listed below should be taken as general guidance only:
Paints 0.2 - 1.0%
Plasters 0.1 - 0.3%
In case of intense exposure to weather, if condensed water is formed continuously or if the coats of paints or plasters get dirty very easily, the dosage of “Stanrose® Biocide” may have to be increased above the usual level.
It is recommended to check planned dosages in laboratory experiments and if possible in practical experiments as well.

Storage and Handling

Please refer to the safety data sheet of this product for precise handling instructions.
The processing and use of industrial chemicals require adequate technical and professional knowledge.
In general, avoid eye and skin contact, wear safety goggles, gloves and protective clothing. In case of eye or skin contact despite precautionary measures, wash immediately and thoroughly with plenty of warm water and obtain medical attention.
The legal requirements prevailing in your country, especially on working hygiene and in the avoidance of accidents, must be observed.
“Stanrose® Biocide” should be stored in the closed original container. Protect from heat. Any supplies which do freeze must be homogeneously mixed after thawing before they can be used, no loss in effectiveness will be experienced.
Storage for a longer period of time can lead to an increase of viscosity.
Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

Packing Available

25 Ltr. / 210 Ltr.

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