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Stanrose® BTC

Stanrose® BTC is a biological product which has been specially formulated for the removal of stains and deposits on urinals and toilets. Stanrose® BTC can also be used in waterless urinal systems. It also helps reduce or eliminate odours associated with these systems. Stanrose® BTC is safe to use in Septic Tank Installations where the use of nasty chemicals is not advised. Stanrose® BTC is a completely natural toilet cleaner which is made of no hazardous chemicals and only naturally occurring bacterial products combined. This combined product is an excellent toilet cleaner and will leave a fresh clean smell.

Stanrose® BTC contains a blend of selected micro-organisms in a liquid formulation. These micro-organisms have been specially selected as being naturally occurring and for their ability to grow and produce a wide range of enzymes which help to degrade organic waste materials.
Stanrose® BTC also contains a blend of surfactants designed to enhance the cleaning effect of the product and also to penetrate into deposits on surfaces. This also aids the microbial action by making a greater surface area available for microbial attack.
All aspects of the formulation help to remove organic materials and prevent build up of deposits which can lead to off odours in toilets and urinals. This action helps to mobilise the organic material and transport it to the wastewater treatment plant where it can be properly treated. The chemical ingredients of the product are biodegradable so will not have an adverse effect on the operation of an effluent treatment plant.

Common Name

Biological Toilet Cleaner

Product Code


Features and Benefits

Cleans surfaces of deposits.
Helps to digest organic waste down the drain line to prevent odours.
Pleasantly scented to help deodorise the area.
Safe for Use in Septic Tank Installations
Can be used in conjunction with Waterless Urinal Units

Technical Properties

Form - Liquid
Colour - Blue
Scent - Zingy Lemon
Shelf life - 12 months

Recommended Uses

The product contains natural ingredients designed to help dissolve lime scale and uric acid crystals. These ingredients are designed to have a gradual effect on scale removal and thus prevent significant build up. This helps to eliminate the need for the use of corrosive acids for this purpose.

Method of Application

1. Toilets - Use daily as with a normal toilet cleaner. Lift the seat and apply Biosure Toilet Cleaner to cover the surface of the toilet bowl. Scrub with a toilet brush and leave product in contact with the surface for as long as possible.
2. Urinals - Use daily. Apply liquid to cover the surface. Scrub using toilet brush and leave on surface for as long as possible.

Storage and Handling

The microbial strains in our Stanrose® BTC are all naturally occurring. They have not been genetically engineered in any way. These microbial strains are recognised as being non-pathogenic to humans or animals.
Stanrose® BTC does not contain any harsh chemicals.
Store in cool, dry conditions. Keep away from direct sunlight or other sources of light. Storage temperatures should be between 5oC and 30oC.
Further information on handling and storage of this product is provided in the Safety Data Sheet. This document should be studied carefully prior to use.

Packing Available

25 Ltr. / 210 Ltr.

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