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Stanrose® Cement Remover

Stanrose® Cement Remover is designed to instantly penetrate and disperse cement, providing complete cleaning of cement cargo deposits, dry cement stains and lime deposits. The product is capable of cleaning hard cement deposits perfectly while removing the possible existing rust. Stanrose® Cement Remover is water based and non-flammable containing powerful acids, inhibitors for surface protection and efficient detergents.

Common Name

Cement Remover

Product Code

Features and Benefits

Heavy duty acid-based product.
Effectively removes cement / cement clinkers cargo deposits, dry cement stains and lime.
Helps with removing possible existing rust.
Quick and intrinsic action.
Contains powerful inhibitors for surface protection.
Safe to use on rubber/plastic.
Water-soluble, non-flammable.
Free from hydrocarbon or chlorinated solvents.
Cost effective, easy to apply and use.

Technical Properties

Specific gravity - 1.16 gr/cm3 at 15°C
Solubility in water - Appreciable
pH (1% Solution) - 1
Odor - Pungent

Recommended Uses

Safe to use on all metal surfaces and parts except aluminium, zinc, tin and its alloys. It is highly recommended to always test all cleaner solutions on a small area of tank coating, before full scale application.

Method of Application

A. Dosage
Undiluted: In cases where we deal with heavy deposit build–up, CEMENT REMOVER must be applied undiluted.
Diluted: In cases of light deposition, on large surface areas, a solution between 10–40% may be used.

B. Cleaning Procedure
Undiluted/Diluted: In parts such as corner cavities, tank skeleton inlets, etc, CEMENT REMOVER must be carefully poured and/or applied by conventional means such as a hard brush, mop, sponge or any other manual devices feasible to move with rapid and irregular action. Let it soak for 15 minutes. Afterwards, wash thoroughly by applying high–pressure water source.
In case of deposit persistence, repeat the cleaning procedure.

Storage and Handling

CEMENT REMOVER is considered a highly corrosive product. Operators must consult the Safety and Handling instructions table before use.
Keep away from heat, sparks and open flame. Ensure that the working area is well ventilated.
Store at moderate temperatures in dry, well-ventilated area.

Packing Available

25 Ltr. / 210 Ltr.

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