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Stanrose® Paint Remover

A fluffy, thick jelly like stripping compound based on non-flammable solvents, to soften, dissolve and remove dry old paint layers. It can remove air drying alkyd paints, stoving paints and water based paints
effectively. It can also remove two component polyurethane, epoxy and other coatings with applications in extended times. It has good penetration properties and allows quick removal of paint without any
considerable damage to the substrate.

Common Name

Paint Remover

Product Code


Features and Benefits

Highly effective, ready for use type, easy to apply, useful for various types of old coatings removal.

Technical Properties

APPEARANCE Fluffy thick jelly liquid / Hazy
SPREADING RATE The spreading rate required to remove the coatings, depends on various factors like type of coating, thickness of coating and substrate etc.
SPECIAL PRECAUTION Use protective hand gloves, goggles, solvent masks etc. while using Paint Remover. In case of any accidental skin contact, wash with plenty of fresh water. Keep away from reach of children.
FLASH POINT Not applicable
SOFTENING TIME 15 – 20 minutes

Recommended Uses

National Paint Remover is recommended for removing various hard and dry coatings like Syn. Enamels, Stoving Enamels, NC, Water based Coatings etc. It can be applied on coatings over metal, concrete,
plaster, glass etc. It is recommend to use without any dilution.

Method of Application

SURFACE PREPARATION Before application, check the nature of the surface. Application can be done by the recommended application method.
APPLICATION METHOD Brush, Roller, Scraper
THINNER (VOLUME) Ready for use
RECOMMENDED METHOD OF USE Apply thick coat of National Paint Remover on the required coating surface to be removed. Allow to soak the film for 10 – 15 minutes, during this time paint film will start to delaminate from the substrate. The delaminated, soaked film along with excess chemical,if any, can be removed with scraper. If the film is more thick and hard, it may be necessary to repeat the process more than once. After complete removal of paint, clean the surface properly to remove completely any traces of chemicals remains on the surface.

Storage and Handling

18 months, in original sealed container, with proper storage conditions.
As a general rule, avoid skin and eye contact by wearing overalls, gloves, goggles, and airmask etc. Spillage on skin should immediately be removed by thorough washing with water and soap or suitable cleaner. Eye should be flushed with fresh water. Avoid inhalation of vapours and paint mist by wearing suitable airmask. In the event of ingestion and eye contact, seek medical attention immediately. Painting must be carried out in wellventilated area. This as industrial product contains corrosive materials and is hazardous. It should be used with adequate precautions. Smoking in the area should not be permitted. Local safety regulations should be followed.
Store the paint remover in proper storage conditions as per the local regulations. Keep the paint remover container in sealed condition under shed in a cool area, away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. Do not stock paint material near to any ignition sources. Do not put back the half or unused material back in original container, containing the supplied material, to avoid contamination. Handle with care. Do not stir the material.
Before application soft mixing is recommended. Always keep in recommended plastic cans. This product contains corrosive materials and is hazardous. It should be handled with care. Keep away from the reach of children.

Packing Available

25 Ltr. / 210 Ltr.

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