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Stanrose® Seacare OSD-II

Dispersants are specially designed oil spill products that are composed of detergent‐like surfactants in low toxicity solvents. Dispersants do not remove oil from the water, but instead break the oil slick into small droplets. These droplets disperse into the water and are further broken down by nature. Dispersants also prevent the oil droplets from coming back together and forming another surface slick. Dispersed oil droplets are less likely to stick to birds and other animals, shoreline rocks, and vegetation.

Common Name

Oil Spill Dispersant, Type-II

Product Code


Features and Benefits

“Stanrose® Seacare OSD-II” is water based, clear, homogenous & non-flammable liquid. It is completely biodegradable & soluble in fresh & seawater. It is approved as a Type II dispersant according to LR448 specifications by the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA).

Technical Properties

Colour Light Amber liquid
Appearance Clear homogenous free flowing liquid.
Cloud Point -7°C
S R Gravity 0.95 to 1.05 (typical 1.04)
Solubility Soluble in water.
Shelf Life 5 Years.
Flash Point Non-Flammable
Toxicity Non-Toxic
Viscosity 132 cSt at room temperature
pH Value 6.0 to 8.5
Prohibited Items Does not contain chlorinated hydrocarbons, phenols, cresols, Caustic alkali, or free mineral acids
Biodegradability Biodegradable

Recommended Uses

Dispersants can be applied to oil slicks either by aircraft or by ships with spraying equipment. They are also used by injection below water to break up oil before it reaches the surface. The use of dispersants is restricted under the National Oil and Hazardous Substances Pollution Contingency Plan (NCP). Federal and state agencies have agreements establishing areas where rapid decisions on dispersants may be made by the federal on‐scene coordinators. Areas outside those designated require additional approval of other agencies identified in the NCP.

Method of Application

CHEMICAL DISPERSANT APPLICATION : “Stanrose® Seacare OSD-II” contains surface-active agents (surfactant) and a stabilizer. The purpose of Stanrose® Seacare OSD-II is quick removal of oil on surface by converting it in fine oil in water emulsion, which is rapidly distributed through the water column through agitation and mixing. Oil dispersed effectively into large volume of seawater is further diluted rapidly by turbulence and its concentration is reduced soon to background levels. The objective of “Stanrose® Seacare OSD-II” is chemical dispersion of Oil spillage an expose of larger area of oil attack by marine bacteria present in sea water than the exposed area of untreated slick. This is achieved when surface oil breaks into droplets by action of Stanrose® Seacare OSD-II which on agitation disposes in to vertical water Column of sea. These droplets are rapidly biodegraded by marine bacteria. Resurfacing of droplets is influenced by droplet size, density of seawater, depth of water column and viscosity of oil being treated. The smaller the droplets size the less chance of oil Resurfacing and more rapid the dilution of droplet and its biodegradation by marine Bacteria and greater its anti cohesive properties.
AERIAL SPRAYING : Aircraft provide the most rapid method of applying dispersants to an oil spill and a variety of aircraft can’ be Used for spraying. For aerial spraying, Stanrose® Seacare OSD-II is used undiluted. A typical treatment rate is 10 to 50 ltrs per Acre or a DOR (dispersant to oil ratio) of 1:50 to 1:20. Normally oil thickness is 100 to 200 microns and it would Spread it to 2 ton of oil per hectare (lhectre=6. lacres). However, this can vary depending on the type of oil, degree of weathering, temperature and thickness of oil slick, typical application attitudes of 30 to 50 feet have been used, although
higher altitudes may be effective under certain conditions. Actual effective altitudes will depend on the application equipment, weather and aircraft.
Careful selection of spray nozzles is critical to achieve desired dose levels, since droplet size must be controlled. Many nozzles used for agricultural spraying are of low capacity and produce too fine a spray. A quarter-inch open pipe may be all that is necessary if the aircraft travels at i9 (I or more, since the air shear at these speeds will be sufficient to break the dispersant into the proper sized droplets.
BOAT SPRAYING : Stanrose® Seacare OSD-II may also be applied by workboats equipped with spray booms mounted ahead of the bow wake or as far forward as possible. The preferred and most effective method of application from a workboat is to use a low-volume, low-pressure pump so the chemical can be applied undiluted. Spray systems, which apply Dispersant neat undiluted, are preferable. However, if this is not practical, water dilatable systems which provide a 10% dispersant concentration should be used. Stanrose® Seacare OSD-II is formulated to be diluted with seawater if Necessary during application, since the product is active at very low dosage. The mixture of dispersant and seawater is then discharged through booms having several nozzles.
Stanrose® Seacare OSD-II should be applied as droplets, not atomized, Natural wave or boat wake action usually provides Adequate mixing energy to disperse the oil. It can be seen from the above that Stanrose® Seacare OSD-II serves as both TYPES and TYPE 2 oil spill dispersant. As a guideline one (1)ltr of Stanrose® Seacare OSD-II is capable of dispersing atleast 30 ltrs of heavy petroleum oil. Our product
Stanrose® Seacare OSD-II composition meets the criteria for not being harmful to the marine environment according to MARPOL Annex V and may be discharged into the sea when used to clean oil on sea water surface.

Storage and Handling

Store in a dry place, keep container closed when not in use. Avoid contact with skin. Wash with large quantities of water.
In case of contact with eyes, treat with large volumes of water and see a physician.
Avoid contact with eyes and skin. In case of contact rinse with plenty of water. Wear suitable protective clothing, gloves and eye/face protection.
Keep away from heat, sparks and open flame. Ensure that the working area is well ventilated.
Store at moderate temperatures in dry, well-ventilated area.

Packing Available

25 Ltr. / 210 Ltr.

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