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Stunning Epoxy Flooring Transformation Completed in Mumbai MIDC Maharashtra Industrial Area!

🚧✨ Just wrapped up an impressive epoxy flooring project in the MIDC Industrial Area near Mumbai! 🏭✨

Our team used top-notch products to ensure durability and a flawless finish:

  • Primer: Staroxy 103 MOT Solvent-free Epoxy Primer

  • Basecoat: Staroxy 109 MOT UL Screed

  • Topcoat: Staroxy SL 1000 Self-Leveling Solvent-free Epoxy Topcoat

The result is a sleek, seamless, and incredibly resilient floor that will stand the test of time. 💪

Check out the transformation and see why epoxy flooring is the ultimate choice for industrial spaces! 🌟

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