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Atlantol is a floor cleaner used as heavy duty cleaner mainly designed for cleaning of floor cleaning and nuclear cleaning & decontamination. It provides excellent result for degreasing of oil, soil, grease etc. It is very effective for decontamination of nuclear contaminated equipment, nuclear contaminated cloths, tools, floors, glass, wall etc.
It is non-flammable, bio degradable, non-toxic, colourless, low foam, eco-friendly, stable liquid advisable for cleaning of even very heavy contamination. Recommended for nuclear, pharmaceuticals, chemical, textile industries. It consists of surfactants, activating agents and additives, softener,(biodegradable substance 85 to 90%)

Atlantol (5 Liter )Nuclear Decontamination and Cleaning Chemical

₹3,330.00 Regular Price
₹2,973.60Sale Price
  • Biodegradable Liquid
    The product is a water-based liquid and is expected to be mobile in soil.
    Free from Foam
    Non corrosieve & Eco friendly

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