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Staroguard Simkem

Single Component Concrete Cementitious Underlay

Staroguard Simkem


Staroguard Simkem is a single component cementitious underlay for smoothening uneven concrete floor in a durable way. Staroguard Simkem does not provide a wearing surface, but facilitates installation of resilient and rigid wooden / PVC / carpet / file / marble floors.
Staroguard Simkem is a ready-mix cement-based polymer enriched high performance surface finishing material incorporated with high quality polymer additives, graded sand and fillers for thin bed /coat applications. Staroguard Simkem is highly suitable for direct application over smooth concrete surfaces without hacking and requires no curing after application.


• Staroguard Simkem can be used for thin coat plastering on inner and outer walls. It can also be used effectively on brick, block, stone walls as well as concrete surfaces.
• Ideal for well-prepared walls with maximum thickness of plastering in the range of 3-6 mm. Highly recommended over Mivan finishes, smooth concrete areas without any hacking of the surfaces.
• Suitable as a direct surface finishing material for columns, ceilings, beams. Very effective for filling the plumbing and electrical conduit linings. Staroguard Simkem can be used as a top coat thin screed layer after the water proofing applications with Starocrackseal.


• Ideal for thin coat applications
• Consistent quality made using mix of well graded sand and additives
• No water curing
• Excellent adhesion properties with the substrate
• Reduced water absorption hence enhanced durability
• Uniform and smooth finish to walls
• Quality thin plastering since it does not contain any impurity
• Convenient to apply
• Faster completion of work
• Negligible wastage due to least rebound

Technical Properties

• Bulk Density: 1450-1555 kg/m3
• Water Powder Ratio: 25-30% by weight
• Pot Life: 2 Hour at 27°C
• Compressive Strength at 28 days: 5-6 Mpa
• Coverage per bag: 60 Sq. Ft. for 3 mm thickness
• Thickness of Layer: 3-6 mm per coat
• Wastage: Negligible
• Water Curing: Nil
• Final Finish: Smooth and Excellent
• Pull Out Adhesion (EN 1348) at 28 days: 0.8 N/mm2
• Water Absorption by Karsten tube method: 0.2 ml at 24 Hours
The technical data provided in this technical data sheet is as per our internal lab testing and may vary as per the actual method of application at sites.
Consult Stanrose Building Products Division Technical Services Cell for any further technical assistance.

Staroguard Simkem

Directions for Use

• Surface preparation: -
Prepare the surfaces before the Staroguard Simkem application by removing oil, bond inhibiting agents, dirt, dust and laitance
The cleaning can be carried out with suitable methods like by using wire brush, water jetting, mopping etc Surface should be pre-wetted and has to be in SSD condition before application of Staroguard Simkem.
No hacking or grinding is required before the application. In case of any honey combs or cracks, necessary preparatory works has to be carried out prior to the application of Staroguard Simkem.

• Mixing
Staroguard Simkem requires 25-30% of water by weight of material
Mix Staroguard Simkem to the measured quantity of water using mechanical stirring for 2-3 minutes to ensure a consistency free of lumps
Mix only the required quantity of material which can be consumed with in the 2 hour pot life and do not mix any additional water than the prescribed water ratio to the already mixed Staroguard Simkem

• Application
Apply Staroguard Simkem with perfect level putty blades, leveling edges over well prepared surfaces Care should be taken to avoid higher thickness of application more than 6 mm per coat, if thickness more than 6 mm is required adopt multiple layer application method
For curved, unique geometrical shapes, corners etc appropriate leveling tools to be used for Staroguard Simkem application. Ensure that the covering of wet joints to be completed within the 10 minutes.

Packaging Size, Storage and Shelf Life

Staroguard Simkem has a shelf life of 12 months from the date of manufacture. Store at cool and dry place.
Available in 25 kgs pack.

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