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Staroxen SL 1000

Solventfree EPU Self Leveling Topcoat

Staroxen SL 1000


Staroxen SL 1000 is a blend of epoxy and polyurethane resin system available in various colours. It is designed for use in a wide range of industrial environments where durable, joint free, low maintenance flooring is required. Staroxen SL 1000 is a 100 % solids containing free flowing, four component solvent free system in pre-weighed packing for on-site mixing. The finished floor provides a hard wearing, smooth, glossy, joint free, impervious and easy to clean treated surface. Additionally it has mild chemical and alkali resistance.


Staroxen SL 1000 is designed for use in wide range of industrial environments where a lasting solution to floor maintenance problems is required. It provides a dense, impervious, coloured floor surface which is hygienic and easy to clean. Typical applications include:
Laboratories & clean rooms
Food and beverage production, kitchens
Electronics and electrical industry
Pharmaceutical manufacturing
Warehouses and storage areas
Automotive manufacturing
Textile and paper mills
Chemical industry, plant rooms
General medium to heavy industry
Light Industrial Parts
Engineering industries/Auto industries
Electronic Handling / Manufacturing
Pharmaceutical –Bulk and Formulation.
Computer assembly units
IT and other Commercial Buildings


Advantages of Staroxen SL 1000:
Durable: Provides a hard, impact and abrasion resistant floor topping for interior floors.
Chemic al resistant: good resistant to wide range of chemicals
Hygienic: Hygienic seamless floor which is easy to clean
Attractive: available in wide range of colours
Quick and Easy to apply
Decreased Friction and static charge formation
Does not support growth of bacteria and fungus
Staroxen SL 1000 Features:
Self levelling coatings with excellent flow & levelling characteristics
Very high abrasion, impact and mar resistance
Excellent flexibility and tensile strength
Resistance to aggressive corrosive environment
Excellent inter-coat adhesion over aged/ old epoxy coatings
Finds application in chemical & fertilizer processing and storage areas, pharmaceutical industry, automotive assembly & service areas and other heavy engineering industries with heavy movements and vibrations

Technical Properties

Solvent free high gloss EPU based topcoat for floor coating kit
Drying Time Surface Dry: 4 hours
Hard Dry: 24 hours
Full Cure: 7 days
Mixing Ratio: Pre weighed Kit
Pot life: 30 minutes
The provided data is typical for factory produced products, subject to slight variation depending on colour. All data is valid for mixed paint.
Compressive Strength (IS 9162): > 50 N/mm2
Flexural Strength (IS 9162): > 25 N/mm2
Abrasion Resistance: 0.35 mm loss (IS 1237)
Shore D Hardness (ASTM D 2240): > 50 - 70

Staroxen SL 1000

Directions for Use

Surface preparation: -
Note: The substrate should have a surface tensile strength of at least 1.5 N/mm².
The concrete substrate must be hard, sound, free of dust and other barrier materials such as paint, lime coatings, plaster, curing agents, laitance, oil, grease, wax, polish etc. that will inhibit adhesion to the substrate.
New Concrete Floors
It must be allowed to cure for at least 28 days and shall have an effective damp-proof membrane below to prevent rising dampness. Contaminated concrete surfaces should be mechanically prepared, by grinding, scarification, shot blasting or similar methods and be vacuum cleaned prior to installing Staroxen SL 1000. Overwatered or otherwise weak concrete surfaces must be suitably prepared down to sound, solid concrete by mechanical methods. Dust and other debris should be removed using vacuum equipment. Note: Any joints in the base e.g. movement joints, should be brought through to the finished surface and suitably sealed.
Old Concrete Floors
Existing concrete floors which require refurbishment must be prepared to ensure a strong adhesive bond between the flooring system and the existing floor. Mechanical cleaning methods are strongly recommended particularly where heavy contamination by oil and grease has occurred or existing coatings are present. To ensure adhesion, all contamination should be removed. Alternatively, blasting techniques can be used to provide the required substrate
Steel Surfaces
Steel surfaces should be degreased and grit blasted to SA2½ immediately prior to application. The prepared surface should than be treated with one coat of Staroxy 103 MOT.
Other Surfaces
The coating may be used on other substrates. Please contact Stanrose
Envirotech India Pvt. Ltd. for more information.
All areas to be treated with Staroxen SL 1000 must first be primed with Staroxy 103 MOT Primer. One or more coats of primer may be required depending upon the condition and porosity of the concrete substrate. High porosity substrates may be revealed after preparation and will be evident by their rapid suction and absorption. Poorly primed surfaces may lead to blistering or pin holing in the cured resin.
Mixing and Application:
The individual contents of Staroxen SL 1000 should be thoroughly stirred before being mixed together. Mix Part D with Part A and ensure smooth mixing. The entire contents should be poured in to a larger mixing vessel to incorporate Part B and Part C. The materials are mixed thoroughly with a spiral mixing paddle in a slow speed drill for 3 minutes until a consistent homogenous mix is achieved. One or more packs may be mixed simultaneously to ensure a quick rate of installation. Note: Once mixed, the Staroxen SL 1000 will generate heat and lose working time if it is left in the mixing container or otherwise kept in bulk. The mixed Staroxen SL 1000 material should be applied to the prepared and primed surface without delay using a trowel or depth set rake to achieve the desired thickness. As soon as the Staroxen SL 1000 has been laid and as work progresses, the surface should be gently rolled with a spiked roller in order to release any entrapped air from the mix and also to blend out any trowel marks. The work area should be protected during the installation process and during the initial curing time to ensure that no debris can contaminate the surface, as this will lead to unwanted blemishes in the hardened, cured surface.
The product should not be applied in temperatures less than 10°C or where the ambient relative humidity is greater than 85%.
Floor Joints
All existing expansion or movement joints should be followed through the new floor surface. Joint sealant & joint geometry should be compatible with the floor type used, intended exposure conditions and likely movement characteristics of the substrate - consult the local Stanrose Envirotech office for more details.
Staroxen SL 1000 can be removed from tools and equipment by using Stanrose EPT immediately after use. Any hardened material will need to be removed mechanically.
Good housekeeping and regular cleaning is essential in order to maintain the performance of Staroxen SL 1000. It is particularly important in areas that are subject to regular spillage of chemicals. Spillages should not be allowed to dry, which results in higher concentrations of the chemicals, which may lead to early failure. Regular cleaning of the surface with a rotary scrubbing machine in conjunction with a water miscible cleaning agent or hot water washing at temperatures up to 50ºC is recommended.
Method of Application
Staroxen SL 1000 Topcoat is normally spread with a trowel and back-rolled with a 3/8" medium nap roller. Care should be taken to minimize the entrapment of air caused by over rolling.

Packaging Size, Storage and Shelf Life

Staroxen SL 1000 has a shelf life of 12 months if kept in a dry, clean store between 5°C and 30°C in the original unopened containers. The product should be protected from frost, away from direct sunlight and sources of heat.
Available in 14 Kg pack.

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