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Staroxy 110 MOT UL

Solventfree MOT Epoxy Flooring Basecoat

Staroxy 110 MOT UL


Staroxy 110 MOT UL is a high performance self-smoothing epoxy resin flooring system. It provides a hygienic, dust free floor with excellent mechanical and chemical resistance. Staroxy 110 MOT UL is an economical, self-smoothing, epoxy resin floor underlay applied between 1 - 4 mm thicknesses. It combines outstanding mechanical properties with chemical resistance to provide a flat, seamless surface to receive epoxy based coatings or toppings.


Staroxy 110 MOT UL Features:
For hygienic, dust free floors
Excellent mechanical and chemical resistance
Economical underlay
Solvent free
Excellent adhesion to cementitious substrates and subsequent finishes
Tough & Hard wearing: durable with low maintenance cost
Resistant to a wide range of chemicals and liquids


Staroxy 110 MOT UL is resistant to wide range of liquids and chemicals like most dilute acids (acetic, oleic, citric, hydrochloric, nitric and sulphuric acid), milk, animal fats and vegetable oils, sugars flavourings, essences, mineral oils, kerosene, petrol, mineral spirit, brake fluids, detergents etc. Chemical spillages should always be wiped up as quickly as possible and not be allowed to concentrate up by evaporation.
Staroxy 110 MOT UL can be used as an underlay for resin floors in
Laboratories & clean rooms
Food and beverage production
Electronics and electrical industry
Pharmaceutical manufacturing
Warehouses and storage areas
Automotive manufacturing
Textile and paper mills
Chemical industry
General medium to heavy industry

Technical Properties

Solvent free epoxy based epoxy basecoat undelay floor coating kit
Drying Time Surface Dry: 4 hours
Hard Dry: 24 hours
Full Cure: 7 days
Mixing Ratio: Pre weighed Kit
Pot life: 30 minutes
The provided data is typical for factory produced products, subject to slight variation depending on colour. All data is valid for mixed paint.
Solvent free epoxy based epoxy basecoat undelay floor coating kit for 1 mm thickness
Compressive Strength (ASTM C 109): 78 N/mm2
Flexural Strength (ASTM 580): 20 N/mm2
Tensile Strength (BS 6319): 11 N/mm2
Resistance to wear: 0.78 mm
Mohr’s Hardness: 4
Bond Strength: 1.5 N/mm2
Shore D Hardness (ASTM D-2214): 80
Water Absorption: Nil

Staroxy 110 MOT UL

Directions for Use

Surface preparation: -
The concrete substrate must be sound and of sufficient compressive strength (minimum 20 N/mm2) with a minimum pull off strength of 1.5 N/mm2 for a durable and lasting flooring. The substrate must be level, clean, dry and free of all contaminants such as dirt, oil, grease etc.
The concrete or screed substrate must be hard, sound and free of dust and other barrier materials such as paint, lime coatings, plaster, curing agents, laitance, adhesive residues etc., that will inhibit adhesion to the substrate.
All previous floor coating if any must be mechanically removed to the maximum extent possible. It is acceptable to re-lay on floor coating that has a fir m bond (pull out strength of 1.5 N/mm2). All previous floor coating if any must be mechanically removed to the maximum extent possible. It is acceptable to re-lay on floor coating that has a fir m bond (pull out strength of 1.5 N/mm2). As with all surface coatings, proper surface preparation is vital to ensure the successful application and performance of Staroxy 103 MOT Primer. The preferred method of preparation is vacuum shot blasting. Other methods, such as air impact hammer(sabbler)-provided that the substrate is not damaged, concrete surface planer, grit blasting, wire brush scarifier, surface grinder, drum sander and flame spaller, can be satisfactory. Chemical methods, such as acid etching, are not reliable and not recommended.
Dust and other debris should be removed using vacuum equipment. NOTE: Any joints or cracks in the concrete base where differential movement is anticipated e.g. movement joints, should be brought through to the finished surface and suitably sealed. New concrete slabs must be allowed to cure for at least 14 days.

Other Surfaces
The coating may be used on other substrates. Please contact Stanrose Envirotech India Pvt. Ltd. for more information.

The concrete surface after proper and thorough surface preparation has to be primed with Staroxy 103 MOT Primer. The primer is a solvent free epoxy resin system. It is designed for better adhesion with the substrate and the flooring system. The primer should be mixed in the given proportions supplied.
The entire contents of the hardener should be poured into the base and should be mixed using a low speed drill machine with an attachment for about 3 minutes at (150-200 RPM) to get a homogeneous mix. Once mixed, the primer should be applied immediately on to the prepared concrete surface. After priming, the surface has to be kept for drying - approximately 12-16 hrs. Depending on the ambient temperature before proceeding to lay Staroxy 103 MOT Primer.

Mixing and Application:
Application of Staroxy 110 MOT UL to be preferably done ideally during low or artificially controlled temperature.
Pre weigh Base and colorant (colorant is provided if required not recommended) will mix with special design mixer (slow speed Planetary double rotary) mixer first for 2 minutes still the colour paste disperse properly then add entire quantity of filler aggregates in to it and again mix it for 30 seconds. Then add entire qty of hardener component and mix it for two to three minutes till the homogeneous mass is obtained.
After mixing immediately spread with v notch trowel on the 1day old primed concrete floor. And finish it with spike roller. The work area should be protected during the installation process and during the initial curing time to ensure that no airborne debris can contaminate the surface of the wet resin as this will lead to unwanted blemishes in the hardened, cured surface. If only panel area is to be floored, then make a Groove at the end of the coating edge.
Ensure all the metal legs of panel board also to be coated for insulation.
Ensure that the covering of wet joints to be completed within the 10 minutes.

Method of Application
Basecoat Underlay is normally spread with a trowel and back-rolled with a 3/8" medium nap roller. Care should be taken to minimize the entrapment of air caused by over rolling.

Packaging Size, Storage and Shelf Life

The product should be stored in accordance with national regulations. It should be kept in a cool, well-ventilated area, away from heat, direct sunlight, sparks and children. Handle with care. It has a shelf life of 12 months from the date of manufacturing.
Available in 18 Kg pack and has a maximum shelf life of 12 months in the un-opened containers.

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