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PU SL Gloss Flooring

PU SL Gloss Flooring

  • Starothane SL 1000 is a two-component solvent free, pigmented modified resin system based on high molecular weight polyols and urethane polymers which forms a smooth self-leveling seamless flooring with good flexibility, impact and abrasion resistance, impermeable to water, chemical resistant, glossy and durable. Particularly suitable for areas exposed to sunlight.

  • Benefits from PU modification include: -

  1. Self-smoothening glossy finish

  2. Excellent adhesion to substrate

  3. Good physical and chemical resistance characteristics

  4. Good abrasion resistance characteristics

  5. Economical solution as a relay over old epoxy floors

  6. Available in attractive colours

  • According to the high capacities of industrial ability and understanding, we are providing top class PU Flooring Service. These services are delivered in agreement with the client’s requisites to achieve client gratification.

Topcoat - Starothane SL 1000

  • It is important to select a suitable topcoat which will meet all the visual and wearing requirements. Mix the topcoat Starothane SL 1000 as per the instructions. Apply the topcoat by trowel and spike roller. Use the trowel with thickness of 1 mm to get approx. coverage and after that remove the perimeter tape and protect the floor from full traffic for 7 days.


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